Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello Internet!

It's been a while since my last post so BONG! here is the news!

First off a game update!

As mentioned last time I've been cracking on with Minesweeper.  I've gotten an alpha build up and running so I thought I'd whack it on the website for people to play with.  At the moment it's all my work but a lot of the text / images / etc you can see are just placeholders.  Rich and Mike are beavering away at coming up with some proper assets for the game. Anyway enjoy:

Also, we still want to put a twist or several on it - at the moment it's pretty much vanilla minesweeper - so I'm looking forward to creating a whole new version of it later on with some new mechanics and game modes.

In the meantime though, I want to give Rich the time he needs to operate so I'm going to move on to the next chapter in my book... Connect 4.


Well I can't think of anything interesting to do with Connect 4 so I expect I'll just read the chapter and knock out something completely vanilla.  The upside is that it won't take me any time at all and I can do it solo, obviously on the other hand it'll probably be bland as hell but oh well - it's all good experience:-)

If you have any ideas why not shout them into the comments box below :-)

Other general news

(In no particular order...)

Work sucks! 

my main job has been taking all my attention for the last couple of months :-( But I'm back to pretty much normal hours now until Christmas so I'm planning on getting a bunch of games cranked out by then.

eLearning is boring!

I've given up on the flash course I was working through. It's pretty good and I would recommend it... but sitting watching hours and hours of videos has very nearly destroyed my will to live.  As therapy I've been actually doing rather than reading about it... So there you are: making games is officially better than reading about making games when it comes to making games.

Games are good!

With work and all the time I've been putting in to making games I haven't really played any for a while.  So I've been going through my steam library and playing all the games I bought in sales and didn't get around to.  So far I've played Bastion, Metro 2033 and I'm having fun with Borderlands (yes the first one...).  Rich has also blagged me a key for The War Z - Good man!

That's all folks!

See you in a couple of weeks with either a new game or an updated minesweeper :-)