Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What Up G?

Hey there internet.

We’ve been quiet for the last few weeks but do not fear! We’ve been busy!

We currently have two games in production and they’re both going great guns: ‘

Bedlam’ is the game that came out of our game jam a few weeks back. It’s a simple puzzle/reaction game based on a mental hospital (!)

We came up with the core game engine and idea at the jam itself, since then Rich has been hard at work on the art and animations. We’re now at a point where we can put it all together and see what’s what. After that Adam with the sound and a bit of general polishing and then that’s it. So it’ll still be a little while before it’s available to play but we’re getting there!

The other game in the works currently has no name… we haven’t found one snappy enough yet. Also boo-urns, I’m not going to give any details out now as it’d spoil the surprise. What I do want to say is that it’s already pretty far down the line (it’s actually closer to completion than Bedlam) and I’m getting really excited about it. We’ve added some nice mechanics and it feels really fun to play… I’m so proud!

 It’s also nice that we’re starting to develop games built from original ideas and not based example code or tired old table top games. It feels like we’ve stopped crawling and we’re starting to make our first baby steps :-)

Anyway both these games will be up in the not too distant, so keep half an eye out!

This month I have been mostly eating… 

I thought it might be nice if I start talking about what I'm playing. Here goes!

Well it’s all been about zombies! I’ve been playing through a couple of hours of The Walking Dead of an evening followed up by a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign. The combination’s awesome! – Some atmospheric scene setting and then all out gun blazing action. If only there was a way to stick the two together….